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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Top 20 Betting Articles Every Punter Must Read

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How do you make more winning when placing a bet on soccer?

If you are new to sport betting, I am sure this is one of the many questions that is on your mind.

And this question is not specular to only you.

In a new study recently conducted, it was discovered that people are increasing placing more bet but also losing more even when using football prediction sites.

What the majority of these people fail to realize is that winning at sport betting is both an art and a science.

Art, because you need to rely on some past experiences and history

Science because there are systems and methodologies that you can use to help you predict some more accurate winning.

In order to help young bettors make more wining, I have gathered together a list of the top articles every noob to football betting must read.


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20 Betting Articles Every Punter Must Read

Every successful endeavor requires understanding the basics. This guide share some simple tips and info into the world of becoming a successful punter

Learn the most basic information about sports betting including why soccer betting is very popular.

Want to start getting your fingers dirty. Then use this article to move from beginner’s level to intermediate level. Learn how to use mathematics to estimate the value of your bets.

Do more with less. Get more advanced tips that can place you on the right path to winning more soccer bets

When placing bets, what are the common pitfalls to avoid. Check them out in this article.

No one is above error but there are some errors, you should not be making if you are really interested in making more winnings

Know your tools but also know your terms. This article contains over 200 betting terms.

More betting terms included in this piece.

A bookmaker is a person whose job is to take bet but how exactly do they work.

Not all bookmakers operates in all the countries. In Nigeria, there are some bookmakers that are not functional. This article shows you a list of all the bookmakers and where they operate

Choosing the right bookmaker to place your bet with is important. Some bookmaker attract new bettors with bonus but are there other things beyond bonuses you should be considering?

In the world of football, there are dozens of different moving part. Learn exactly how football betting works.

If there is a formula for winning more bets, I am sure you will like to read it. This guide is for you.

Remember how I told you that betting is part arts and science? Here is one example of how someone was able to use models to predict and win bet

What should you be considering when placing a bet? What strategies can work? Here is one way to win consistently

Matched betting is well not so new. Here is how to use matched betting to win regularly

Is there a secret sauce to becoming a professional gambler or are there just thing successful bettors won’t do?

Well, you guess right but I won’t wet your appetite. This article is a must read because you have a better understanding on how bookmakers works.

Know how much you will win using these simple calculator.

All models lie but some are useful. Here is how to create your own football betting model so you can successful and consistently win more bets.

There you have it. A list of sports betting articles you should read. 

Either you are new to sports betting or you simply want to refresh your memory, I am sure you will find this curated list of football betting articles useful.

If you do, please share or recommend it to someone who needs it.


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