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Monday, 13 May 2019

3 Football Betting Strategies that Works

Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world and really, there is no harm making a little side income while enjoying your favorite game

However, for a gambler and punter who wishes to maximize his gains and limits his loses, he has to create a strategy or plan to achieve that. 

What must be understood is that not all strategies work for everyone so you have to make sure you choose the one that suits your betting style. 

Before you choose a football strategy you must, first of all, consider the following things:

A. How much cash you have: 

Many people will probably say you can bet with any amount and the likes, but for someone who wishes to make football betting his business and make enough money, he must plan on how much he wants to use to play bet. If a bettor refuses to do these, such bettor may run into debts. So it is, therefore, advisable to plan ahead if you earn let’s say 300 dollars a week, how much do you want to invest in gambling?.20$,50$,100$ or higher. Make a decision and stick to it, don’t be penny wise or pound foolish, be prudent

B. Whether you play singles or accumulations? 

It is always advisable to play singles than accumulations. The reason is that although you earn more with accumulations, the risks are higher, just pick one single game and place your bet on it, it is way safer.

Now to the main crux of the matter, the three football betting strategies that work:

3 Top Football Betting Strategies That Works Anytime

1. Learn to analyze trends

This is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money when betting on football. Can it really be considered a strategy? This strategy works when you are patient and do lots of underground work. Yes we know upsets happen, but then it is occasional. If a team is on a good winning streak, say, for instance,  Manchester City has won 5 straight games, then it will be in your interest to play them straight win. If a team concedes at least 2 goals for 6 matches in a row, then it will be profitable to play such game as over 1.5 goals. Trends are events that keep occurring, so you have to study them hard to be able to get a good return for your money. Also, check the home and away form record, some teams rarely lose at home no matter the opposition e.g Manchester City, Liverpool, Barcelona and Juventus. So if such a team is at home, it might be advisable to play straight win or win/draw.

2. Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is also a very good strategy for football betting. If applied judiciously and smartly, you can get high returns on your bets on football.
What this strategy implies is all about exploiting loopholes in football betting markets. These exist when two or more bookies are offering apparently different odds and lines on the same outcomes. Giving the right circumstances and avenue, this is an opportunity to make risk-free bets
When a pricing discrepancy is large enough, staking on all the possible outcomes of a football match will ensure a huge profit. For example, say two very strong teams are playing like Barcelona and Real Madrid. A bookie gives Barcelona vs Real Madrid over 2.5 goals as 2.04 odds and under 2.5 goals at 2.55 odds. You can stake let say $500 on over 2.5 odds to make $1000.20 and stake another $500 on under 2.5 goals to make $1000.75. Now whichever way the game ends, you still win a little money. The money might seem small but you can bet higher, however, with arbitrage bet, you can’t lose.

3. Bet only on live bets

When gambling your aim is to make a profit, however, it is also good not to bet blindly. The advantage live bets give is that you are armed with enough information about how a particular team is set up. A good scenario is with live bets, you know who is pressing who, who is likely to score, which team has collected red card, who is injured..e.t.c. With this information, you can then place your bet as the match progresses. If Barcelona is playing Valencia now, and a Valencia defender is set up, you will them use your vivid imagination that the possibility of Barcelona winning increases and the probability that the match will experience more goals increases. With live bets, your chances increase.

In conclusion, these football betting strategies listed here have been tested over and over again and it works. You can either use one or combine the three together. If you are patient and contented, you will make it big in football betting.

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