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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Can You Make a Living off Football Betting

make money betting on football

Betting, generally, has been in practice for a long time. Of all the sports betting available, the most popular is football betting. The advent of the internet and pay-TV has in no small way, helped the business of football betting. More agents have taken to football betting business and more football lovers have taken to betting on football to make money off their love of the sport.

The question on everyone’s lips is, “Can I really make a profit on football betting?” The honest answer is a big yes. However, like any other jobs or business, there are things you must do to make a living off football business;

1. Capital
Like any other business venture, you need a start-up capital to make a living off football betting. Betting involves staking money on a game to win. Now, you don't have to have a huge capital to start, you can start with a little fund, but note that more money brings more profit and vice versa.

2. Market Strategy
Making a living off football betting is possible if one is able to effectively choose a market football betting strategy that is safe and enterprising. Also, one should avoid fluid market types like both team to score and life bets. Appropriate research should be made on games before staking.

3. Frequency of Bets
If you want to make money off football betting, you have to know that it is quality over quantity. you have to be selective. You will need to be calculative or you might get your fingers burnt

4. Patience and Perseverance
The truth is that you won’t win all your stakes, however, the target is to make an adequate profit to take care of your bills. You have to be strong-willed and determined. Never give up even with a barrage of loses, you will outwit the bookies, they always make mistakes, so the onus is now on you to capitalize on their mistakes.

5. Use Multiple Bookmakers
If you are really interested in making football betting your job, you need to open accounts with various betting companies. The reason a serious bettor should have multiple accounts is that bookies have their strong and weak points, advantages and disadvantages, you will need to check various bookmakers markets to know which of them will favour you. Another reason it is advisable to open many accounts with various bookies is because of hedge bets. Hedge bets are bets which a punter stakes on a seeming loophole in the margin of a particular market. In order to penetrate this loophole and not have your account blocked, you will need to stake with two or more bookies.

6. Tools
Just like most business, you need necessary tools to make your dream of making a living out of football betting a reality; laptop or good Smartphone, fast internet connection  and a functional bank account.

7. Join Punters Forum
No man is an island of knowledge; therefore, it is advisable to team up with like-minds, so that they can come up with a strategy that can make them all successful

That said, what are the benefits of making football betting a mode of living?

1. You are your own boss
As a sole proprietorship business, you are not under anyone and you can decide when to start and stop. Decisions to increase or reduce stake is entirely yours.

2. It enhances your football and betting experience
Since football betting is the only thing you do, you concentrate more and booking a guru. You become more detailed, careful and frugal with money.

3. Your loses reduce
Since you are no more reckless in punting, you begin to make more profit. Your losses will gradually deplete and you will begin to reap bountifully.

4. Ability to make huge gain/profit
Perhaps, the most important benefit is that you get to make money. A punter who is steadfast and hardworking is guaranteed to break even by the end of each stake. All it takes is due diligence and expert advice. 

In conclusion, the question of if it is possible to make football betting your source of living has been answered in this article, however like most business, you have to be patient, frugal, discerning and persevering. Betting, generally, has been feeding lots of people for so long, join the team of professional football bettors, you have to put your mind in it and give it your all. Only the brave survive in this world and with football betting, you can build your future.

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